An encyclopedia is a reference work (book, set of books or digital document) that aims to synthesize all knowledge to build knowledge and to show its organization in a way that makes it accessible to the public, for the purpose of education, information or to support cultural memory.


The purpose of an encyclopedia is to bring together the scattered knowledge on the face of the earth; to exhibit the general system to the men with whom we live, and to transmit it to the men who will come after us; so that the labors of past centuries will not have been useless labors for the centuries to come.

Specific Objectives

This online training course on conservative orthopedic treatment of spinal deviations is unique and there is no standard reference.
10% of the training is free of charge. It corresponds to the basic University training. The main videos are listed in this chapter. They will allow you to appreciate the quality of the documents.
For the other chapters, one-minute synthesis videos have been produced.
For the price of a travel and a few days in a hotel, you can have access to all of these documents and to the Certification.

Encyclopedic article

Unlike a dictionary that defines the words of a language, an encyclopedia explains the words.A thematic encyclopaedic article (on-line video) methodically exposes all the specific knowledge of a field of knowledge (specialized encyclopaedia).


The book contains links to 72 videos with abstracts produced as part of the Lyon Method international certification program.

Table of contents  


Foreword 5

Chapter 1: HISTORY 11
Bipedalism & Verticalization 13

Chapter 2: ANATOMY 15
Anatomical & physiological basis of the Lyon Method 15
Muscles 16
Fascias & Spiral chains 17
Lumbo-sacral Junction & Hip hinge 18
L5-S1 and scoliosis 19
Scoliosis & Pelvis 20
Horizontal plane: the lost plane of scoliosis 21

Chapter 3: PHYSIOLOGY 23
Stretching: Physiological basis 23
Breathing & scoliosis 25

Chapter 4: POSTURAL SYSTEM (extra-pyramidal) 27
Posture Anatomical & physiological basis 27
Maturation of the postural system throughout life 29
Experimental scoliosis 30
Delayed Maturation of the extra-pyramidal system 31
Alignment, Balance, Equilibrium & Posture 32

Chapter 5: BIOMECHANICS 34
Tensegrity 34
Biomechanics during growth 36
3D by coupled movements 37
Patho-biomechanics of adult scoliosis 38
A simple biomechanical model 40
3D instability for adult scoliosis 41
Scoliosis & Mathematics 42

Chapter 6: ETIOLOGY 44
Scoliogeny 44
Scoliosis and Chaos 45

Chapter 7: ASSESSMENT 48
Pain & scoliosis: the patterns 48
Scoliosis formulae 49

Pediatric Scoliosis 52
Adult scoliosis update 53
Lyon Method for Adult scoliosis 54

Chapter 9: RADIOLOGY 56
EOS 56
X-Ray corner 58

Thoracic deformation 60
History of kyphosis 62
Kyphosis: part 1 64
Kyphosis part 2 65
Lyon Method kyphosis Physiotherapy 67
Spondylolisthesis 69

Scoliosis: Don’ts & Warnings 74
Daily living workshop 75
Celebrity with Scoliosis 77
Scoliosis Disability & Work 79

Chapter 12: PHYSIOTHERAPY 81
Massage therapy 81
Tensegrity exercises 82
PSSE: historical biomechanical perspective 83
Lyon versus Sshroth 84
Breathing exercises and brace 85
Principles of the Lyon Method 86
Lyon Method versus Schroth 87
Grand Porter: Most typical Lyon Method Exercise 88
12 + 1 basic exercises 89
4th dimension of scoliosis: the time 90
Adult scoliosis: exercises for ASA & DDS 91
From Lyon Hacks to tips and trips 92

Chapter 13: BRACING 95
Universal scoliosis bracing classification 95
Bracing Kyphosis 96
ARTbrace (trailer) 97
Lyon ARTbrace 98
Moulding, Processing & Manufacturing 99
Fitting, Delivery & Check-up 100
Adult scoliosis bracing 101
Bracing Adult Scoliosis - SOSORT Webinar 2022 102
Short braces 103

Chapter 14: RESULTS 105
Very long time results 105
Late Risser results 106
ARTbrace - Final results: 10 year of Evidence 107
Adults Results 108

Chapter 15: SPORT 111
from sport to sitting position 111
Swimming & Scoliosis 112
Sport for juvenile & adolescent scoliosis 113
Sport for adult scoliosis - Part 2 114

Chapter 16: INTERNATIONAL presentation of Lyon 117
Odyssey of the Lyon Method 117
Brazil: Historical Presentation 119

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