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History of the Lyon Method
Focus on The four tracts & coupling of the extra-pyramidal system
Essential: Adams test & Scoliometer
X-Ray Corner: Frontal plane
Learning outcome & SOSORT Guidelines
Table 1: Indications according to Cobb Angle
FAQ Scoliosis attitude
Carousel: Celebrity. Princess Eugenie of York
Very long time results
Learning outcome 
FAQ Adams Test
4th Dimension: Lea 6 years
Workshop: Balance: the four tracts exercises
Carousel: Celebrity. Sarah Michelle Gellar
Bipedalism & Verticality of homo sapiens
Focus on Tetrapods & Verticality
X-Ray Corner: 3 Lumbo-pelvic patterns
Decision tree 1: How to stimulate the extra-pyramidal system?
Learning outcome 
FAQ Disease or Disorder
Carousel: Celebrity. Usain Bolt
Focus on Fascias & spiral chains
FAQ Why more girls? Neuro-Osseous Timing of Maturation (NOTOM)
4th Dimension: Lea 8 years
Workshop: Tensegrity in standing position
Carousel: Celebrity. Elisabeth Taylor
Etiopathogeny of idiopathic scoliosis 
Focus on The extra-pyramidal system (full version)
X-Ray Corner: Leg Length Discrepancy
Decisions tree 9: Leg Legth Discrepancy
FAQ Idiopathic Scoliosis?
Workshop: Tensegrity in sitting & quadruped position
Carousel: Celebrity. Chloë Sevigny
and Chaos theory
Decisions tree 2: Physiotherapy for a chaotic Scoliosis
FAQ Origin of scoliosis
4th Dimension: Lea 10 years
Tensegrity & Eutonia in decubitus
Carousel: Celebrity. Douglas Mac Arthur
Biomecanics 2: 3D by coupled movements
X-Ray Corner: Sagittal Plane measurement
Decisions tree 3: Physiotherapy before bracing
FAQ Is scoliosis hereditary?
4th Dimension: Lea 12 years
Workshop: Tensegrity & abdominal muscles strengthening
Carousel: Celebrity. Shailene Woodley

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Recorded New York 3 days course

Now available to study with a handout for 4 weeks on SSOL

Scoliosis and Spine Online Learning (SSOL is a teaching platform for scoliosis education for more information on SSOL visit: )

Recorded New York weekend course is recommended as an introductory course prior to starting the Lyon Method Certification process and course

Introduction to the Lyon method to make Certification easier, students can start here.

by Jean Claude de Mauroy (Founder of SOSORT, Head of Orthopaedic Medicine Department, Clinique du Parc, France)
Start your journey into the oldest method of treatment for Scoliosis, the Lyon method. Dr. Jean Claude de Mauroy is a complete visionary and expert in the field of Scoliosis. This is the first step towards introducing the Lyon method into your Physiotherapy treatment for Scoliosis. The Lyon method is a great foundation and complementary to other methods of scoliosis treatment. This method originated in Lyon, France, and was the first to make the sagittal plane its speciality. This course was designed by Dr. Jean Claude de Mauroy, to carefully synthesize his 48 years of experience in Scoliosis. It was organised and recorded by Dr. Hagit Berdishevsky in New York in early 2020 and was a huge success!  Now, you have the chance to watch the recorded event from your home or office on your computer!
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